A bed to suit you

Because everyone has their own sleeping habits, everyone should feel totally at ease in their bed too. We cater to your individual wishes with a view to making sleep enjoyable for you.

Endless combinations

You too can become a designer and combine bed model, headboard, bedside table and type of wood as you like. Pick a twin bed, queen bed or some other dimension? Absolutely no problem for us, for each bed is designed and manufactured individually.

Type of wood: 1. Maple, 2. Pear, 3. Beech, 4. Dark brown oak, 5. Mocha oak, 6. Oak, 7. Beech heartwood, 8. Cherry, 9. American walnut, 10. Elm, 11. Wild oak, 12. Swiss stone pine

Other wood species on request

Very personal

To give your bed a personal touch, we decorate the headboard with hand-carved ornaments and initials. The carvings go particularly well with bed models laura and vera.

[Translate to english:] Luxlet, Die Natur im Schlafzimmer, Metallfreien Holzbetten, Maßgefertigt in Südtirol, Einzigartig, Individuell, Einzelstücke, Ausgezeichnetes Design, Individualität, Persönlichkeit


Naturally scented alpine-hay and herbs from the Tyrolean Alps - hand-cut and lovingly processed. The carvings go particularly well with bed models laura and julia. Also available in 1. coffee, 2. peppermint, 3. bark and 3. hemp.

Recommendation rate: 97%*

*Source: Customer satisfaction survey

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